Tudox Schipperkes


Located in Ashville, OH of Pickaway County.

Thank you for your interest in Tudox Schipperkes. We are located in central Ohio, just south of Columbus.. Please contact us using the Inquiry form on the right to learn specifics about us.

Our puppies will be guaranteed against congenital/hereditary defects for three years with a 100% refund, and have a five year death by "natural causes" replacement guarantee.  They will be guaranteed to have the proper Schipperke temperament if socialized properly. They will be microchipped, vaccinated appropriate to age, and on heartworm prevention. They will have a lifetime return contract. Pet/performance pups will have a spay/neuter agreement.  Pet puppy owners will be provided with a certificate of ownership and pedigree.   

We also believe in health testing our breeding schips and support and use the Canine Health Information Center (http://www.caninehealthinfo.org) the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA www.offa.org) and the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF)... and most of our Schips have their eyes CERFed, Patella certified via OFA, Thyroid certified via OFA, and Hips  x-rayed for LCP and Hip certification. All breeding schips are individually MPSIIIB tested or normal by pedigree. We register most health clearances and they can be looked up on-line on the OFA/CHIC or CERF sites. 

Many of our dogs and their relatives are also AKC Champions or pointed and many are obedience, rally and/or agility titled.  Our adults are all AKC registered.

Since we are interested in providing our Schipperkes with the very best permanent homes we can, we try very hard to match the particular puppy's needs with those of the prospective family. In order to help us do that, we evaluate each puppy and dog individually, and then must have information about the prospective family.  Therefore we do have a questionnaire/application we need filed out and like to talk via email and phone with prospective owners.



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