Stonehouse Kennel

Located in Cleveland, TN of Bradley County.

My husband, Wally and I searched for a breed that our 5 year old daughter's allergies could tolerate.  We were so thrilled when we discovered that she had no reaction to the miniature schnauzer.    I had loved the breed for years and finally had my own when a good friend gave hers to me when she married.   Buster was a complete delight until he passed away several years later.    When we started researching the breed, we fell in love with the parti colors.   Skooter, although not parti colored, was the first to arrive.   Our daughter could not have been happier, but she really  wanted one to call her own.  Sprite arrived and Olivia was in heaven.  Finally, her very own dog that did not cause her allergies and eczema to flare.   Makayla, Sadie and Tucker were not far behind.  Makayla and Tucker bring the parti colors we so desired into reality.  We have retained their liver parti daughter, Ginger, to add to our crew.  We also  retained Skooter and Sprite's daughter, Coca Cola.   All of our schnauzers are AKC registered.   Our schnauzers are kept in a heated/cooled kennel.  They have a huge area to run and play in every day.   They are whelped in the house and the puppies get played with daily by Olivia and I, so they are very well socialized, especially to children.   Our goal is to raise healthy, happy puppies and place them in homes where they can lead productive lives bringing joy and happiness to their new families.


Miniature Schnauzer

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