Gebrumms Berg Kennel

Located in Southside, WV of Mason County.

Thank you for your interest in our kennels.  We have been in existance since 1971.  Our puppies are from champion bloodlines, a beautiful example of the Rottweiler Breed, but more importantly they have sound temperaments and are socialably able to be in any community.  We have therapy titled dogs, and our prodegy are now therapy dogs, search and rescue, and one is used in the Dog Crisis Center, but we have wonderful people that just want to enjoy their dog in their home.  We believe in the well being of our animals, therefore our clients have us for the lifetime of their dog.  Gebrumm Berg Kennels guarantees their health.  Gives our clients a 10 week obedience course via DVD.  We discuss with them nutrician.  When you email us we will provide you with our puppies contract and info.  Thanks again.



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