European dobermans for work show pet

Located in Enterprise, AL of Coffee County.

We Import bloodlines that have Excellent Health, Longevity & Temperament TESTED , World, INT. and Muti Champion pedigrees. PHPV-PHTVL-free No z factored white VET GEN DNA TESTED No vWd Bleeders! Thyroid normal! DNA AKC tested! Hips dysplastic free lines ! Generations of Good and Excellent Hips   Proper size true European color and are also PROVEN Character working / protection lines that will defend your family instinctively AKC  Superior World Champion Bloodlines Breeding The Total Doberman Brains, Beauty, and Health to strict FCI Breed standards.   Both PARENTS Directly Imported hand picked by well respected Doberman breeder  Judges . Sound in the head and body NO HIGH CARDIO consistently living 10 -14 years. AKC DNA TESTED -vWd DNA CLEAR Superior Quality Directly IMPORTED Excellent Longevity and Temperament  Show/Working/ Therapy/ Tracking / Naturally protective GERMAN PROTECTION BLOODLINES.  Application is required after we have reviewed it we will be happy to call you & discuss in detail care,training, lines and prices. 9 year CARDIO replacement GNT. You are responsible for your puppy once you take delivery. ALL training ,  care everything is fully your responsibility


Doberman Pinscher and Great Dane

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