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Located in Rockledge, FL of Brevard County.


Gemini Goldens, Florida's premier golden retriever breeder, was founded in 2000 by Candi and Dick Pearce. The mission of Gemini Goldens is to develop a unique line of versatile golden retriever show dogs. Gemini Goldens develops show dogs that are well-rounded and multi-talented, satisfying many customers in Florida and across the United States.

We're the original Gemini Goldens here in Florida. Our track record makes us the premier breeder of high-quality Goldens on the Space Coast.

In addition to breeding golden retriever show dogs that have been awarded and decorated in the show ring, it is Gemini Goldens' desire to find loving homes for their excellent and beautiful pets.

Gemini Goldens' integrity is unparalleled by any other breeder in Florida. By breeding only the finest lines they can fully guarantee the health of all of their puppies. Gemini Goldens will not breed a dog that has any trace of a problem in its lines, from cataracts to hip dysplasia.

Candi and Dick Pearce, also owners of Brevard County's most renowned kennel, Barkingham Place in Rockledge, Florida, began by arranging the breeding of two golden retriever Champion Show Dog Hall of Fame Dogs, Kirby and Kahlua. The result was Houston, their first golden retriever Champion show dog. Eventually, Houston earned the exclusive Versatility Dog Excellent title.

All Gemini Golden retriever puppies have five-generation pedigrees in which each ancestor has all of its health clearances (hips, heart and eyes). In addition, both parents of all litters have their elbows cleared.  The puppies currently shown on Barkingham's web-site "puppy cam" represent the 5th generation of Gemini Goldens, linking back to the original Houston-Brittany litter in the year 2000. Gemini Goldens are certified healthy, and are cared for like our own until they become your own, which is why we are the choice breeder in Florida for golden retrievers.

Gemini Goldens gives your family a best-quality, pet golden retriever from the finest lines available in the country.



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